Music Director: Rhonnda Nunes

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Since our founding, music and the arts have been an important part of the Zion Lutheran Church experience. Our services are filled with a mix of ancient and modern music. Both the piano and organ are used to connect us with God. Sometimes we sing acapella and other times we incorporate drums and a bass guitar. We hope you enjoy our music and welcome your participation in our music ministry.
Choir welcomes participants who desire to worship God through their musical talents and runs from September to May of each year. The Zion Choir sings during Sunday service.  Practices are held every Wednesday evening (unless otherwise noted) at 7:00 pm, and Sunday mornings at 8:30 in the sanctuary while Choir is active.  Choir is in recess from June to August.
choir practice
A cantor sings liturgical music and sings solo verses or passages to which the choir or congregation responds. Cantor practice is held immediately following Choir rehearsal on Sunday mornings. Those interested in Cantoring should contact for more information.
choir practice2
In addition to special guest musicians throughout the year, we host an annual free Choir Concert each December to celebrate Jesus’ birth.  Come and enjoy the entertainment as you hear Christmas songs from around the world. You’ll also have an opportunity to join in the singing with the well known Christmas carols. Our Christmas concert is a perfect way to put you in the holiday spirit and help remind you that the season is about more than just presents and holiday parties, it is about celebrating the birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ.