Zion Lutheran Church has a number of ministries devoted in response to Jesus’ command to “love and serve” (Matthew 20:28). We encourage all members to explore their passions for serving Jesus through their participation in one of our many ministry opportunities. If you are interested in participating in one or more of the ministries or want to find out additional information, please contact the office to be directed to the individual in charge of the specific ministry. We cannot be the church we are called to be without the faithful service of all of our members. It is through this service that our lives have greater meaning, we develop community, we help others, and we create a sacred space on our church campus where all are welcome.



Buildings & Grounds
This ministry is in charge of all maintenance and upkeep of our property and buildings. They work on maintenance issues as well as taking care of the lawns, bushes, and trees that we have around our campus. Our campus requires much upkeep and every act of cleaning or maintenance helps in the beautification of our campus to keep it welcoming and safe for all.


This ministry handles all aspects of promotion and upkeep of the many different forms of communication we have at Zion. These different communications all help to keep every member of our congregation, as well as our community, up to date on what is happening.


This ministry is in charge of all discipleship programs available at Zion Lutheran Church including addressing the needs of our youngest to our oldest members. The goal is to help people grow in their faith and knowledge so as to be better equipped to be the hands and feet of Jesus.


This ministry is in charge of organizing a variety of Zion Celebrations throughout the year. They are also in charge of promoting connection among the Zion members and the occasional church-wide meals and the Sunday morning coffee hour.


Mission & Outreach
This ministry supports both Zion members and the larger Stockton community by upholding our mission of “Sharing the light of Jesus Christ”. The offerings through this ministry help those in need through prayer, support, and companionship.


This ministry both supports and educates others about Biblical stewardship. The four principles of this ministry include 1) the principle of God’s ownership of everything 2) the principle of individual responsibility over the resources we are given 3) the principle of accountability for how we use the time, talent, and money we have 4) the principle of reward and enjoying the blessings good stewardship brings.


Worship & Music
This ministry works with both the Pastor and the Music Director in order to discuss and plan the different aspects of worship. They often discuss such things as different types of liturgical and musical offerings, suggestions made by ZLC Members, special services for different church seasons, as well as scheduling the assistant ministers, communion assistants, and ushers each week. They also decide about how to decorate the sanctuary accordingly.