Tom Coyan

Special Guest for Zion Chamber Orchestra concert #3.

Tom Coyan started playing piano at the age of 5, when his mother, a church organist and piano teacher, started him on piano lessons. At age 9, Tom played his first public solo at Mt. Hermon Christian Campgrounds, in front of an audience of over 500. It must have been a rewarding and memorable experience, as Tom has continued playing for over 50 years. 

Tom studied piano and pipe organ through high school, earning the (now defunct) Sherwood International Piano Award. Tom attended Biola University on a music scholarship, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Piano. 

For 35 years, Tom served as a worship pastor for three churches in Northern California, leading vocal and instrumental groups, composing, arranging, and producing numerous musicals and concerts. These days Tom can be found writing and arranging music, playing on various CD projects, or out playing a variety of venues.

Tom is well versed in most every style of music: he can be found playing musical theatre in pit orchestras, playing pop/rock with several tribute bands (Journey, Styx, Abba, etc.), swinging with City Swing Big Band, an 18 piece Oakland based jazz band, or playing contemporary praise music in his local church.