Church Council

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The Zion Lutheran Church Council consists of the “Executive Committee” made up of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.  The remaining positions of the Church Council are varying numbers of At-Large positions which are determined by a formula which is based on the average annual attendance of Zion Lutheran Church’s congregation at our Sunday services.  The At Large positions exist to maintain an odd number of council members which ensure a fair voting of 2/3 majority.
The Church Council is responsible for:
  1.  Financial Responsibilities to include:
    • Monitoring financial information and approving expenses
    • Overseeing the payment of monthly church bill payments
    • Proposing an annual budget to the congregation for approval
  2.  Communication Responsibilities to include:
    • Keeping open communication with the Church Pastor concerning any issues which may arise
    • Maintaining an ongoing communication with the members of the congregation via Zion’s monthly Newsletters
  3.  Supervising responsibilities to include:
    • Monitoring and advising committees and outreach programs
    • Provide assistance to those committees as necessary
    • Receiving updates from the Board of Ministries
Church Council Members
President – Vaness Kuhlmann – email Vaness
Vice President – Dr. Gesine Gerhard – email Gesine
Treasurer – Tom Rasmussen – email Tom
Secretary – Dianne Hooton – email Dianne
At Large – Gary McNight – email Gary
At Large – Jan Stuber – email Jan
At Large – Norm Randolph – email Norm
Church Council Meetings
Church Council Meetings are held every second Monday of the Month in the Fireside room